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Al-Ittihad team wins the Celebrity Cup in Dubai

The UAE Al-Ittihad team won the celebrity match that was held in Dubai against the all-star team with three goals without a response, and football fans in Dubai watched a wonderful match, as the two teams presented many distinguished skillful glimpses that won the admiration of the audience. The goals of the Al-Ittihad were scored by Fadi Al-Khatib, Salem and Abdulaziz Bin Paz, who was awarded the Golden Boot and the goalkeeper won the Golden Glove award.

The Celebrity Match, organized by AG Events, is an initiative of the sports division of GS Worldwide Entertainment based in Mumbai, which aims to raise funds through charity and sports activities.

Ayush Gupta, CEO, AG Events, said the Celebrity Cup has been a huge success for the players, the fans and most importantly the beneficiaries of the initiative. Panti Walia, Founder of ASFC and Head of Sports at GS Sports at GS Worldwide Entertainment, said: “We are very pleased with the response from the people. On the field and viewers on TV, where they watched a great and competitive football match. The UAE Al Ittihad team consists of Nasr Al Neyadi, former UAE footballers Bakhit Saad and Mohammed Qassem, Abdulaziz Bin Baz, social media activist and radio presenter, Kris Fide, and many other celebrities.

Nasr Al Neyadi said: “The UAE Federation team is proud to participate in this important event. Playing against the ASFC team was a dream come true today and it was an unforgettable experience for us, and most importantly, we are happy to support this noble initiative, which provides aid to many needy people in our society. We look forward to more exciting events in the future

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